We Really ARE Different

Crystal Screens is the first substantial development in front projection screen technology in decades. Originally developed by optical scientists, Crystal Screens breaks from traditional screen manufacturing processes by using nano-lens technology or tiny holographic patterns imbedded on the front of a metallized projection screen. Millions of these “lenslets” create a random surface that manipulates light energy, and the result is something no screen manufacturer has been able to accomplish before…exceptional gain and ambient light rejection, zero hot spots, and a viewing angle so wide that it seems to defy the laws of physics. These factors and more make Crystal Screen an ideal, problem-solving screen for A/V professionals trying to provide an exceptional video quality in small or large, bright or dim venues. Crystal Screens are manufactured from start to finish in Los Angeles, California.

ALR screen
See the difference a true ALR screen can make? The left side is Crystal Screens, the right is a typical manufactured screen. The room where this photo was taken was very bright.

front shot of screen  Side vew of crystal screen