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Science NOT Sizzle 

What’s different about Crystal Screens? It’s the technology.

Crystal Projection Screens: Nano-lens technology creates smooth hills and valleys to allow the most light to be returned to viewer.
Crystal Projection Screens’ Nano-lens technology creates smooth hills and valleys to allow the most light to be returned to the viewer.

Screens today may have subtle differences that marketing folks exploit, but the way the screens are made are essentially the same…a plastic spray coating on high-gain fabric. Crystal Screens are not made of fabric. Instead, our clever scientists figured out how to embed holographic nano lenses on thin film that is mounted on a flexible metal substrate. The highly reflective nature of these nano lenses results in a new level of performance and the benefits that are immediately noticeable:

projection screens
Traditional Projection Screens: Sharp edges and non-uniformity create hotspots and narrow viewing.

 Zero Hot Spots: Higher gain fabrics used in today’s screens canreflect the light from the projector’s lens resulting in hot spots. Crystal Screens utilizes a unique polycarbonate surface, which means there is no fabric and no hot spots.
High Gain and Wide Viewing Angle: Higher gain typically means a narrower viewing angle.  Our screen has a gain of 2.5 with a 120° viewing angle, yet still maintains excellent ambient light control.
Exceptional Contrast:  Crystal Screens’ contrast-rich surface means your customers will experience  excellent detail and black levels whether they are viewing numbers and graphs, pictures and text or high-resolution video.
No Color Shifting: The random size distribution of our nanolens technology ensures uniform optical performance over all wavelengths for color reproduction unmatched by other screens.
Polarization Preservation:  Crystal Screens’ nanolens technology preserves polarization effect so one screen can be used for both 2D and 3D viewing.
Ready for Current and Future Projectors: Crystal Screens is designed to maximize performance from the latest projectors but will also enhance the performance of previous generation projectors.
Endless Screen Lengths: Our unique manufacturing process allows us to produce screens in virtually any length without seams, and the flexible material can be installed on almost any surface. This makes Crystal Screens a superior choice for video walls and digital signage.
US-Made from Start to Finish: Crystal Screens are manufactured from start to finish in Los Angeles, California to ensure a high level of quality control. Our patented technology is unique to Crystal Screens and cannot be copied or duplicated by any manufacturer or entity.
Shippable with Fast Delivery:  Our fixed screens ship unassembled via UPS, reducing shipping costs and lead times.