Screen Placement & Installation Guide

Care should be taken to ensure that you experience the best possible image quality. This includes maximizing the projector’s brightness with the placement of the screen, and placing the audience at a sufficient distance relative to the screen size. The light from the projector should reflect off the center of the screen at an angle that is equal to the angle created when that light reflects off the screen as shown in the image below.

Screen_placement_diagram 1

When installing the screen, position it so that the middle (or center) of the screen is located halfway vertically between the viewer and the projector, when the viewer and projector are equal distance to the screen.

Screen_placement_diagram 2

If viewers are closer than the projector, the screen will need to be lower; conversely, if viewers are farther than the projector, the screen will need to be higher.

Projector Installation

Mounting the projector on the ceiling is recommended over a tabletop setup. Many projectors have a vertical lens shift function that allows the image height to be adjusted. The projector’s height should be positioned just below the top edge of the Crystal Screen. Adjust the height of the projector or height of the Crystal Screen until the top of the projector’s image is slightly below the top edge of the Crystal Screen. Once in position, the projector lens can be adjusted until the image is flush with the top edge of the screen. This will create the most favorable viewing experience.

Note to installers: When performing screen material demos, the demo material should always be placed at a point of incident reflection between the viewer and the projector. If the projector is placed on the floor, ask the viewer to stand up, and place the screen material lower on the screen.