Maintenance and Troubleshooting Tips

One of the many benefits of a Crystal Projection Screen is durability. We do recommend occasional cleaning to keep your screen dust and dirt free so you can enjoy the best image the screen has to offer.
Screen Cleaning Instructions
1. First wipe the affected area with the included microfiber cleaning cloth.
2. If necessary, dampen the affected area with water and blot, do not rub or wipe, with the cleaning cloth provided.
3. Allow solution to air dry.
4. Repeat Steps 1 – 3 if needed.


Troubleshooting Tips

1.       No mounting holes on the center posts for the wall mounts. Check to see if the center posts are installed backwards.
2.       Mounting holes on center posts do not line up. Check if one center post has been installed upside down.
3.       No mounting holes for the screen bezel Check if the screen is mounted on the correct side
4.       Wrinkles on the screen. Make sure the crease of the screen is lined up with the top edge of the frame.
Make sure the screen is fully tensioned.
5.       Scratches on the screen. Purchase a new screen at your local Crystal Screens dealer.
6.       Smudges on the screen. Clean the screen using the recommended cleaning instructions.