Reflect 2.5 130″ 2:40 Home Theater Screen

 Delivering a level of brightness and color vibrancy never seen before 
Crytal Screen 130_Media Room_testCrytal Screen 130_Media RoomBlue angles in screen_final_1Blue angles in screen_final_1

Leave the Lights On with Reflect 3.0

Unmatched 3.0 gain with a 70° Viewing Angle

Images in Light

Overcoming challenges in the brightest of venues







“I knew how an 8000-lumen projector would perform on a traditional screen surface so I had my doubts, but when we fired up the projectors, I was absolutely blown away by the clarity and the contrast of the system.”  

– Enoch Howell, Diamond Support Services

 Crystal Projection Screens breaks from traditional screen manufacturing processes by using nano-lens technology or tiny holographic patterns embedded on the front of a metalized projection screen. Millions of these “lenslets” create a random surface that manipulates light energy, and the result is something no screen manufacturer has been able to accomplish before, exceptional gain and ambient light rejection, zero hot spots, and a wide viewing angle.